Thursday, 15 April 2010

More water voles

I haven't seen any water voles since my intial sightings in mid march. With the heavy rain a few weeks ago I was concerned that the resultant high water may have resulted in borrows flooding and the water voles drowning. Especially as I had more sightings this time last year.
However, a couple of walks along the river produced four new sightings
Again, not great quality pictures:

These sightings show the colony is once again establishing itself, as seen on the 2010 water vole map. These new sightings are in green - with March's sightings in blue

View Water voles 2010 in a larger map
So there should be plenty of opportunities for better quality photos and perhaps now is the chance to explore further afield.


  1. Aw, great! Was that four separate voles?

  2. Indeed there were four separate voles, all seen within about 10 minutes.
    The first two sightings were pretty much at the same time