Sunday, 11 April 2010

More Toads...

Thankfully, an early evening stroll has shown no sign of the feared toad carnage (no puns about Green Cross Toads here) and even in the last hours of daylight live ones are still about:

Toads spend most of their lives away from ponds and start the migration to their breeding ponds in autumn, taking a break in winter to hibernate, before continuing to their journey to their breeding pond in spring. 
The females are considerably larger than the male, who attach themselves to the female - a technique known as amplexus.  As there are often more males than females, breeding balls can be ensue, where multiple males try and breed with a single female (see picture in previous post) - occasionally resulting in her death as she is smothered or drowned.  By being first and clinging on, this male will have an advantage over the other males.

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