Sunday, 31 January 2016

Return to the Blogosphere?

Last year the blog become mostly dormant, with the exception of the occasional post about visiting London, not much has happened on it since the summer.
Yet even when it was quite, the blog was experiencing the natural and un-natural world.

It applauded loudly as a professor of particle physics played keyboards with reformed electronic rock band New Order

It gasped in amazement at the sight of leopard in the African savannah.

It then felt saddened and disheartened that mankind's inhumanity, greed and outdated beliefs has meant that it is almost impossible to see a rhinoceros in the wild:
It got wet and cold looking for signs of dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight.

It was frustrated at just glimpsing a Purple Emperor butterfly.

And it enjoyed experiencing the bleakness of the Cambridgeshire Fens in Autumn.

So maybe it's time for the blog to wake up from it's hibernation, hope the muse returns and to see if it still has any friends out there.

Maybe some of 2015's activities will feature in future posts, but if not 2016 has plenty of opportunities:

  • To see how the water voles have coped with the mild winter.
  • To investigate if otters are still present on the Ock.
  • To further explore the Radley Lakes area of Abingdon
  • To venture into other parts of Abingdon and Oxfordshire countryside
  • To try and get better views of the illusive purple emperor.
  • To further explore downstream of the Ock and it's tributaries.
  • To enjoy other Natural History Museums in this country.

Having had a rest, perhaps 2016 will be a good year for the blog?  
And if anyone is still reading, it would be pleased to hear from them, especially if they have any suggestions for subjects of posts or places to visit.