Monday, 3 May 2010

Signs of life on Sandford Brook?

Back in January I considered if water voles were living in Sandford Brook, a stream flowing to the west of the ock meadow and is a tributary of the ock.
It does seem good habitat for water voles - steep banks for burrows and plenty of sources of food:
And there do seem to be new burrows:
And maybe signs of feeding as well:
The water vole map has been updated with a yellow pin (for possible water vole activity) and I will be returning there to see if I can get a sighting before the undergrowth gets too high:
It has also been updated with another sighting on the ock (blue pin for new sighting), towards the bottom of the map:

View Water voles 2010 in a larger map


  1. What a weird day: I've come across two references to water voles without even looking!

    Don't know if you ever read The Times (I get it for the Su Doku). There was a brief bit about water voles today under the Nature News column.

    Also, I had an interesting newsletter from PTES (People's Trust for Endangered Species) regarding water voles and the need to record sightings. Apparently they are trying to set up a national database. The website is

    You're probably aware of this already but if not, I thought you or other visitors to your blog might find it interesting.

    Good luck with your sightings. Hopefully some more of your excellent pictures to follow soon!


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for pointing me towards the PTES web site, I now see they're doing an otter survey - so I'll pass on what I've found out round here
    It will be be interesting to see what a national water vole survey reveals. I wonder how many other water vole hotspots there are.