Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Walk to work

I'm very fortunate - I can walk to work along several of the streams and rivers in Abingdon, so this blog entry is today's walk. I hope to repeat it, to see how the rivers change with the seasons.
Starting off along along the Ock, west of Drayton road, continuing along the 'Ock valley walk' (east of Drayton Road), with a detour to where the Ock joins the Thames.

Continuing the detour following the Thames along St Helen's wharf, then through the town and along the Abbey stream, with the first ducklings of the year and then the final detour - the view from Abingdon weir.

In total, a 60 minute walk, it can take 45 minutes if I'm not taking photos, looking for water voles or admiring the kingfishers.
The irony is that it can sometimes take that long to drive.

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