Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday evening stroll...

It's been an hectic week at work - impending deadlines, annoying managers and the horror that is Microsoft Project.
So, perhaps there isn't a better way of relaxing than going for a walk and seeing what can be found. This evenings wildlife highlights include one water vole, a buzzard and a muntjac deer - all to fleeting to be caught on camera. Especially as I forgot to recharge the batteries after a recent trip to the Oxford Botanic Gardens.

The muntjac is the third I've seen along the Ock, although this is the first time I've seen one this close to the A34. Muntjacs aren't native and are from Asia originally and have escaped or been released from private collections including Woburn Abbey and Whipsnade Zoo.
Muntjac, like squirrels, divide opinion. At various nature reserves where I have done voluntary work,large amounts of effort is taken to stop the deer eating the shoots of coppiced trees. But they still seem to find a way through - including getting through a badger door in a deer proof fence. They are also prone to eating cultivated flowers, much to the annoyance of some gardners.
However, others - like myself just enjoy seeing them in the countryside.

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