Sunday, 4 October 2009

Views from the clumps

It's good to put away the paint brushes, the spades and the masonry drill and make use of the good autumn weather to go for a good walk. And where better than Wittenham clumps – two hills that dominate the local landscape and are managed by the Northmoor Trust.
This is Round Hill viewed from Castle Hill

And the opposing view of Castle Hill, an Iron Age fort - viewed from Round Hill.

The clumps are a haven for wildlife, including this Kestrel - trying to reduce the local field vole population

Apparently, 75% of Oxfordshire consists of areas of outstanding natural beauty and the clumps are probably the best place to see it, including the river Thames to the north of Round Hill

And the Berkshire downs to the south of Castle Hill - they can be viewed behind Brightwell Barrow (thanks Birdman):

Although, I suspect Didcot power station is probably part of the other 25%...


  1. Photo five shows Brightwell Barrow.


  2. Thanks for letting me know, I've updated the post.