Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday morning stroll

A damp morning in Abingdon, but despite autumn becoming colder and wetter there is still plenty of wildlife out there, especially birds, even if they're becoming harder to photograph

A quick glimpse of a buzzard 

Another bird pray, not sure what type - maybe a sparrowhawk

A pheasant crossing a field

A moorhen, although common along this stretch of the Ock, they are quite difficult to get a picture of, usually because they spook quite easily.

And a young swan


  1. Excellent pics again. Must look out for a buzzard some time - too busy gazing at red kites, not to mention the sparrowhawk on our back fence this morning!

  2. Thanks Martin
    The buzzard can be seen at the end of Mill Lane, I think it's interesting how red kites and buzzards can tollerate each other.
    Sparrowhawk on the fence? Wow, have you got any pictures - I'm really envious.

  3. Unfortunately not - but I'll put some back garden bird pics on my blog in the next few days.