Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I've shyed away from Twitter, mainly because unlike Bill Bailey, Stephen Fry or Leo the Woodlouse most people aren't interested in what I'm doing.
However, I have found this gadget to add to my blog:


This will allow me to update my blog with small updates when either something doesn't warrant or I'm not in a position to do a full blog update.
I've had my Twitter account for about a month, running it in an unlisted blog to try it out and to my surprise I've found people have started to follow me. One of these is the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust - no idea how they found me or why they would be interested in the river Ock in Abingdon, but they're now getting updates on water voles, butterflies and red kites.
I'm now following them as well and getting their updates on plovers, hobbies & peregrines - none of which are seen by the Ock.

If anyone else wants to follow me on Twitter, my account is:


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