Saturday, 27 June 2009

Return to the stream

I last explored the stream around the edge of the floodplain meadow back in April:

So a return visit is somewhat overdue, however access to the stream is some what limited due to the growth of grasses in the meadow and undergrowth by the stream..

Still, where I did manage to get to the water edge, I did see what seems like signs of water vole feeding.

So another yellow pin to put on my map (blue are water vole sightings).

View Water Voles in the River Ock - Abingdon, 2009 in a larger map


  1. That's great! Really helpful map, too.

  2. I've found Google Maps to be very helpful, it shows where the main colony is and where there are separate populations.
    I've also used loaded it into Google Earth to calculate the Longitude & Latitude (and then converted it to the O/S grid reference).
    I'll then pass this onto the Local Wildlife Trust - who don't have details of the water voles in the area - as part of their annual water vole survey.