Monday, 29 April 2013

More water voles...

... because you can't have too many photographs of water voles:


  1. Some time ago you posted about some fossils visible on the banks of the Ock.

    I'd love to see them - please could you describe where they are?

    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I've trawled through my records and my previous blog posts and I don't recall seeing any fossils on the Ock itself.
    However just outside Abingdon there is the Dry Sandford Pit nature reserve and it has previously featured in this blog several times: as the fen feeds into Sandford Brook, which is a tributary.
    If you want to see fossils then this is the best place to go to as there any many fossils in the cliffs and it is a short car journey or bike ride to get there:

    I hope that tries to answer your question