Sunday, 6 June 2010


Either side of the river are the meadows who serve as the floodplain during winter. Yet  in summer they come alive in a diverse range of plants and is a splendid sight:

The purple plant is 'purple salsify' (it goes by other names including the 'oyster plant', due to the roots similar taste to oysters) and although abundant in the meadow it is not actually native to Europe, introduced sometime in the 16th Century:

Several variants of buttercup are present, this one is possibly meadow buttercup. Like all types of buttercup it is poisonous and most grazing animals (including rabbits) leave it alone:

Another 'weed' and enemy of lawn obsessed gardeners  like my father is the 'white clover' and when left alone it can look rather attractive as well as being popular with bees:

Disclaimer: I'm not a botanist and the aforementioned identifications are based upon research through several books and the internet. If I've incorrectly identified something please let me know.

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