Sunday, 17 January 2010

After the snow...

As expected, now the snow has almost melted, the river is very high

And it appears to have burst it's banks, causing slight  flooding on the Ock meadow

The ditch running along the Ock meadow is also very high, contributing to the flooding:
On the meadow itself are a series of holes, maybe made by field voles?
And the predators are out, making the most of the first feeding opportunity for nearly two weeks. A heron by the ditch - maybe after a displaced water vole?
A kestrel seeking out small mammals on the meadow


  1. I saw the heron yesterday from the bedroom window but by the time I had fired up the had gone!

  2. I too have had this problem over the past week - Fieldfares and a Song Thrush in the garden and Red Kites overhead have all gone unrecorded due to my inability to find, switch on and focus my camera in time.