Friday, 18 December 2009


I've been using a new piece of software to stitch together a series of photos to produce one big panorama and a walk to work on Friday provided an ideal opportunity to try it out...
The Ock valley walk, produced from three landscape pictures, the first snow of the winter on the footpath between the upper and lower ock:

The Thames, viewed from St. Helens Wharf, produced from four potrait pictures, with burford bridge to the left:

The view south from Abingdon weir - towards burford and Abingdon bridges (not pictured), produced from four landscape photographs.

And the view of the Abbey stream from the footbridge next to the weir.  

If the weather is good and time is kind, I may try and get some pictures from the Ock meadow at the weekend and maybe I could get a good picture of the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford - something I always struggle with.
The software is ArcSoft Panorama, a trial version is available from:


  1. hi richard. I like the panoramas. What software are you using?

  2. Hi Spot,

    It's ArcSoft Panorama Make Pro:


  3. thanks Richard. I forgot to check on your reply!