Saturday, 15 August 2009

Griff Rhys Jones..

A blog about a river in Abingdon should probably mention Griff Rhys Jones appearance in Abingdon who was talking about rivers.
Other Abingdon blogs do the event more justice than I can:

Annabel's book blog has excellent coverage:

Backstreeter's ubiquitous Abingdon Blog:

And obviously Mostly Books - who organised the event:

Griff spoke for about an hour - no notes or script and it soon became apparent that he wasn't a stooge for the producers, he was genuinely interested and knowledgeable on the subject and seems to have become a somewhat unwanted focal figure for rights of access to rivers.
A question and answer session followed, with an interesting one on harnessing the weirs on the Thames for electricity. I seem to recall a proposal to use the river Cam in Cambridge, the feasibility study is linked below.

But I don't know if it was ever undertaken, but a £500,000project to generate 430,000kWh per year from a weir in Cumbria has commenced:

As is stated in the article "
We hope this demonstration project can be replicated in other mills around the country."

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