Saturday, 25 July 2009

Views of the garden

Despite being a small, the garden has been full of life and has been an ideal opportunity to play with the macro setting on my camera:

A honey bee on the lavender

A pyrausta aurata moth - identified with the assistance of the excellent UKMoths website ( on the marjoram:

The buddleia has been attracting many butterflys, including a peacock:

A meadow brown:

And a painted lady butterfly:

Possibly part of the much documented influx from europe (

And a buff tailed bumblebee on the lavatera:


  1. It is very exciting to see your bees and butterflies.
    So nice of you to stop in and comment on my walking blog.
    I also take photos of the bugs in my backyard. You can see them at my other blog site, Q's Corner.
    You reminded me it has been awhile since I took the camera for a walk around the block.
    Looking forward to getting to know you and your garden.

  2. very envious of the p aurata picture, nothing as interesting has passed this way recently. In answer to your question there were hundreds of painted ladies earlier in the summer (pause for hollow laughter), but not now. Presumably, the second generation are about to appear. My question is how do they get back to North Africa?