Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Circumstantial evidence

Further up the ditch in the floodplain, there is evidence of feeding and possible footprints. This could indicate vole activity.

Despite this circumstantial evidence I have yet to have a sighting in this location, but I have now marked this area on my water vole map in amber and will return at a convenient time.

View Water Vole surveyed areas in the River Ock - Abingdon 2009 in a larger map


  1. Richard,

    I found your blog by stalking, or rather clicking on your profile, you from your comment on my blog.

    I had a quick read-through and I must say that I like it. Great photos and interesting reading.

    I might have to grab my camera and go for some walks down the Ock too! :)

    // Mike

  2. That certainly looks like water vole feeding to me.